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Charcoal Drawing Kit #15

Charcoal Drawing Kit
MSRP: $14.48
OUR PRICE: $11.58
You save : 20 %
Created to meet artists demands for a comprehensive charcoal set, this new set includes charcoal pencils, compressed charcoal, white charcoal and more. It covers basic essentials for most drawing course work and applies to novice applications as well. The All Charcoal Kit contains one 558 Charcoal White pencil for highlighting and contrast work. Also included are five Charcoal pencils each with a round cedar casing (one each 557-HB, 557-2B, 557-4B and two each 557-6B). There are compressed charcoal sticks (one each 960 and 958 and two each 957-6B and 957-4B) for creating deep dark tones and covering large areas. Plus, an artist pencil sharpener, a kneaded eraser and a Carbon Sketch pencil.
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