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Gamblin Galkyd Medium

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Bottle (GO):
Galkyd is made from alkyd resin, the polymerized oil of the 20th century. The medium adds binder (increases adhesion) and speeds up drying.

High viscosity alkyd resin was among the materials Jackson Pollack used to make his drip paintings. To make a similar mixture, use 60% Galkyd and 40% oil color. No more than 50% solvent by volume can be added to Galkyd without compromising its binder.

Galkyd is an alkyd resin medium that increases the fluidity of oil colors and speeds their drying time. Thin layers of oil colors are dry in 24 hours. Using Galkyd will level brush strokes, create a strong flexible paint film and leave an enamel-like glossy finish.

Ready to use or Galkyd can be thinned with odorless mineral spirits. Galkyds make excellent glazing mediums. Galkyd is available in 4oz, 8oz, 16oz, and 32oz.
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