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Patriotica - Set of 4 Airbrush Templates

Patriotica - Set of 4 Airbrush Templates
MSRP: $94.00
OUR PRICE: $70.50
You save : 25 %
Artool's Americana series Freehand Airbrush Templates: "Patriotica", designed by the Skull Master himself, Craig Fraser. This is not just another collection of patriotic symbols, but ones that are guaranteed not to have graced a single famous monument to date.

"Patriotica" comes in four easily recognizable motifs: "Red" PTR-1SP (for stripes.), "White" PTR-2SP (for stars.), "Blue" PTR-3SP (While this stencil does contain stars, which normally are not blue; "Red, White and White" just didn't sound patriotic enough.), and "Eagle One" PTR-4SP (No explanation required.), or ask for all four: PTR-5SP. And as always, the Artool "Patriotica" Freehand Templates are completely solvent-proof.

Includes all four Patriotica templates:
And Blue
Eagle One
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